If you have capital to invest and you’re looking for a safe bet for the future, you’re faced with a lot of choice. Fine wines, antique coins, stamps, luxury watches and art are all popular among collectors. Others seek out handbags, furniture and ceramics. Property, meanwhile, can provide returns of more than 100%, particularly for desirable addresses in the capital. But there’s one commodity that’s been soaring in popularity among investors in recent years: classic cars.

The allure is obvious; research from estate agents Knight Frank suggests average classic car values increased by 17% in 2015, having rocketed upwards in value by a staggering 467% over ten years. That makes them by far the strongest performing investment. While a bottle of rare Bordeaux, for example, could reap you big returns too, let’s be honest – it won’t look as pretty in your garage.

Here are some of the classics hotly tipped to do well in 2017 and beyond:


Lancia Delta Integrale

The Italian rally legend was launched in late 1978, making this year its 30th anniversary. That will undoubtedly lead to a spike in interest, pushing values up. Whatever your budget, there’s a Delta for you; prices begin at less than £10,000 for the HF Integrale and can surpass ten times that for a perfect example. Get in there while you can.


Jensen Interceptor

Powerful, handsome but unfortunately short-lived, the Interceptor has always been popular among investors who didn’t quite have the £200,000+ for a classic Aston Martin. Jensen and Aston have always, therefore, been thought of in the same vein, and as Aston Martin values are rising, so too are the Interceptor’s. That growth isn’t likely to subside any time soon.


BMW M3 E46

The E46 isn’t actually considered a classic car yet. But having been launched in 2000, the day it becomes a classic isn’t so far away, and experts invariably agree that prices will go through the roof. The E46 was widely regarded to be one of the best sports coupes ever produced, and its older cousin, the E30, is now worth far, far more than ten or fifteen years ago.

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When seeking to make any sort of living in the world of financial investment, it is wise to first look back and take wisdom from those who have shown a keen ability to make large sums of money from investing. The key to their long-term success has been the ability to make mistakes and learn from them. So before you make similar costly mistakes, here is some guidance from those who have been there and done it:


1. Warren Buffett

Arguably the most successful investor of all time, Warren Buffett has amassed a vast amount of experience and has a career spanning almost 70 years. One of his greatest pieces of guidance is to not jump on board with a company just because it seems to have potential and be under-priced. He believes that is far better to invest in a wonderful company at a fair price. In the long run, that company will continue its current path of growth and you will reap stable returns, rather than taking larger risks on an “OK” company.


2. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal

Unbeknown to most, Prince Alwaleed is famous in the investment world and is a great example of an investor with the long run in mind. He understands that in the short run there can be seemingly catastrophic events, such as recessions, but believes that in the long run if you have chosen a strong company it will prosper and you will benefit from the returns. Prior to the recent recession, he held a 14.9% stake in Citigroup, but instead of selling he has held on to those shares and is riding it out for the long term. So the lesson to take from him is to do your research and then stick to your investment and don’t doubt it or yourself in times of difficulty.


3. Carl Icahn

It is the very nature of the stock market and the investment world to be unforgiving. When large amounts of money are involved, yourself and others will act differently and in ways that you may not have thought. That is the nature of investing so much of your personal wealth into unstable commodities or companies. This is where Carl Icahn’s rather famous piece of advice comes in: “if you want a friend, get a dog”. This doesn’t mean that you are on your own and can’t trust anyone, but it means to be careful and train yourself to be the best investor you can and don’t put all of your trust in others.


Long-term investors will understand that making any investment can be a risky business and having the correct mindset to deal with fluctuations is fundamental to success. If you are looking to make a long-term investment, here are some top tips to keep in mind:
1. Understand which stocks are worth keeping

Investors make huge profits from successful stocks and then mistakenly sell them on, deciding to keep stocks which aren’t performing so well. Their reason is to make an instant profit, yet it is important to consider what is best for the future, rather than the current time. In other words, don’t sell on an investment which is creating a large turnover; instead, let go of investments which are performing badly to avoid losing serious amounts of money.
2. Don’t panic too much

If you’re interested in making long-term investments, you will need to be able to face dark times when your investments take small dips. Remember why you chose to make the investment initially and aim to look at the bigger picture. If investments aren’t as successful as you may have hoped, learn from these small mistakes for your future investment plans and try not to panic too much. Stocks fluctuate constantly, so always put your thought processes and decisions in perspective.

3. Stick to one strategy

Successful investors will usually pick one investment strategy and stick with it. Those who choose different strategies with stocks may face huge losses. Switching between different methods may be more suitable for those who are hoping to invest for the short-term, rather than as a long-term plan.
4. Remain open-minded

Although it may be tempting to make investments within larger companies, smaller companies may also have a great amount of potential. You may find that smaller companies make fantastic long-term investments and create impressive turnovers. Always remain open-minded about which investments you decide on and you may be surprised.

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