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Should you still be investing in bonds?

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Investing in renewables in 2018

Although fossil fuels still constitute the most lucrative energy segment for investors, renewable energy is becoming an increasingly important sector as companies start listening to warnings about our climate’s future.

The European Union is aiming for 15% of its energy to be renewably sourced by 2020, representing an exciting opportunity for investors. Indeed, making a move early could be very wise as the use of crude oil and gas becomes less sustainable.

An array of different nations across the globe are gearing up to invest in renewables, most notably the United States, China, and members of the European Union.

In terms of investment options, mini-bonds and issue bonds are worth looking into, as well as debentures, which fund individual projects.

Green tech as an investment opportunity

The green tech industry, which includes smart technology, robotics and clean infrastructure, is quickly emerging as a promising investment option as it continues to disrupt the tech sector.

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We’ve picked out three of the most common investment mistakes to be aware of early on. If you’d like to talk to us in more detail about investment, give us a call on 01707 800708

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Top four tips for long term investors

Top tips for new investors

Any kind of investment is worthy of careful consideration, especially for those new to the investment world. At Stable Rise, our aim is to impart with as much of our knowledge as possible. This way we can help you to make an educated decision. We recommend that new investors think long term, rather than plump for a ‘quick fix’. You should weigh up the risks involved with an investment against the potential returns. It always helps to draw up an investment plan. This can start with low-risk investments and gradually commit more funds. There is no replacement for an investment advisor, who can look at your finances and help you consider the options.

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