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Are more people now looking to begin their investing journey?


On one hand, it may seem like now is an unusual time to start investing for the first time. Living costs are high, the UK is likely to go into recession, and many markets and sectors are relatively unstable. 

On the other hand, however, individuals who are new to investing may be looking to shore up future income sources given how uncertain things currently are. 

Whatever your viewpoint, recent research from Investing Reviews reveals that Google searches for “how to invest” rose by 186% in a single week in September. In the same week, the number of searches for “investing for beginners” rose by 522%. 

Here’s where those searches are coming from – and what these people are looking for. 


Which parts of the UK are searching for investment information? 

The research showed Reading to be the area most interested in searching for savings and investments information, with 5,118 searches per 100,000 Reading residents each months for saving and investing-related terms. 

Here, the most popular search term was “Premium Bonds” (1,300 monthly searches), followed by “cryptocurrency” (720 monthly searches) and “credit card” (480 monthly searches).

Second on the list was Bristol, with 4,887 monthly saving and investing-related searches per 100,000 residents. These two areas were followed by Manchester, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Leicester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Nottingham and Edinburgh.


What has the team behind the research said? 

The team at Investing Reviews has suggested that the increased volatility in the market – combined with rising inflation and interest rates – has likely sparked this recent interest in alternative ways to save money. It remains to be seen, however, whether these searches will indeed translate into greater numbers of new investors entering the market. 


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