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Can investing in supported living reap rewards?


The 2021 Census reveals that our population is ageing. 18.6% of the England and Wales population is aged 65+, compared with 16.4% recorded in the 2011 Census.

In addition, there are people with long-term or terminal illnesses, those who are recovering from substance dependence and those at risk of homelessness who require accommodation that includes supervision, support or care in another form.

While there is no current data on how many people in the UK live in supported living facilities, a Government review from 2016 estimated that there were 651,000 supported homes in the previous year, with £3.5bn per year being spent on supported living through Housing Benefit alone.

Is it a sector that investors should consider – and if so, what is the best way to do so?


Why invest in supported living?

Supported living investment may appeal to those who are interested in property investment but are perhaps put off because of perceived high levels of risk. The property market – whether residential or commercial – can often be volatile. But is this the case with supported housing?

With an ageing population, demand for supported living accommodation could remain stable – or even grow as the need for such properties increases. Often, tenants are long term, and there are various different types of supported housing that you could invest in.

This type of investment may appeal not only to those who are looking for a passive investment income over the longer term but also to those who are looking to invest in a way that makes a real difference to people’s lives.

How to invest in supported living

There are two main ways to invest in supported living.

The first is to invest in developers or real estate managers that operate within this sector. In this way, your investment will cover a range of developments.

The second is to invest in individual developments. With new supported living properties being built all the time, there are numerous opportunities out there to invest in specific properties that suit your investing requirements, from buildings being redeveloped into HMOs to brand new retirement villages and more.

Could investing in supported living be right for you?

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