Is it a good idea to invest in water solutions?

If you’re reviewing your investments portfolio and looking around at different opportunities, you might want to consider the benefits of investing in water solutions providers.


Why invest in water solutions?

Water is the principal building block for life. Without water, we’d be absolutely nowhere. Global warming is creating lots more arid, dry summer climates in countries that previously experienced the damage caused by lack of water. You’ve only got to take a look at some of the aerial photos of the UK and London published in the summer of 2018 to see how lack of water impacted our typically lush environment > view images 

Hyde Park, London

Water solutions companies offer a variety of global services across a wide range of sectors. These include:

– Grey water recycling, which can eradicate bacteria and other contaminants so water can be safely re-used in homes or businesses > click for details 

– Drinking water treatments to remove biofilm and water-borne bacteria from supplies > click for details 

– Desalination to turn the salty waters of the ocean into water that can be safely used in industry or even for drinking > click for details

– Agricultural and horticultural solutions to maximise available water for cultivation of crops and successful animal care. Irrigation, hydroponics, and use of greywater recycling all offer solutions that can be utilised by farmers and growers around the world

– Sludge treatments to extract the maximum amount of water so it can be re-used > click for details

Importance of water solutions

It’s said that water will soon become more valuable than oil due to increased demand from consumers, industry and agriculture. The scarcity of water is likely to prove a major hindrance for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, pharmaceutical and mining sectors.

Experts predict that by the year 2035, 40% of the world’s population will be living in locations where water is in scarce supply. This means desalination and water recycling will become the norm. Industry already uses around 20% of global water supplies, and many authorities are cutting back on permissions for industrial water extraction. This will increase pressures on business to re-use or desalinate.

All in all, it’s likely that investing in water solutions will prove a wise option in coming years. If you would like to find out more about our tailored investment solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.