iWater Group

IWS is a UK manufacturer and supplier of unique water treatment and antibacterial products, services and solutions for sectors requiring high water quality.

Highly experienced board of directors

IWS now has its products fully tested, protected, proven, and approved.Cash flow positive and profitable.
IWS is one of the most certified, generally approved and proven chlorine dioxide companies in the field of water treatment.
IWS has received the DWI’s highest possible approval for its products following testing and inspection in the UK.
IWS products are considered as extremely safe and absolutely harmless in the treatment and use of drinking water for humans and animals.
IWS has multiple national and international certificates and approvals for its products. ECHA, Defra Approved, CEFAS, DWI, NSF, SOIL ASSOCIATION ORGANIC, SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT.
Minimum subscription £5,000
Environmentally Friendly.