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Some of our favourite investment podcasts


How do you keep abreast of the latest investing news? 

Of course, the Stable Rise blog is packed full of useful information, but different people learn better in different ways. 

One popular way to keep up with a variety of interests is listening to podcasts – and there are plenty of investing-specific options out there. The podcasts you choose will inevitably depend on a range of factors but if you’re looking for somewhere to start, here (in no particular order) are five of our favourites. 


Motley Fool Money 

With a new 20-35 minute-long episode every single day, Motley Fool Money features host Chris Hill alongside a variety of investment analysts. Between them, they unpick the latest news stories and their implications for investors, as well as singling out some of their top stock market picks. 

Aimed at “long-term, business-focused investors”, it’s designed to give a snapshot of the current market, alongside actionable insights.


Barclays – Word on the Street 

In this weekly podcast from Barclays, investing experts discuss the sector’s latest news and events, helping investors to make sense of what’s going on. Recent podcasts cover such topics as whether economic forecasts should worry UK investors, whether UK investors have reasons to be hopeful, and whether China is on the verge of a post-pandemic boost. 


The Investor Way 

Focusing on UK stocks and shares, The Investor Way is a weekly podcast with each episode coming in at around 40 minutes upwards. If you’re interested in equity markets and enjoy the analysis of specific brands, it’s a podcast that could be right up your street. 

The podcast covers a diverse range of business types and sectors, with recent episodes including Dr Martens, Shell, Diageo, Ocado, BT and more. 


Money to the Masses

Damian Fahey, founder of the Money to the Masses website, has now created over 400 episodes of his popular podcast. Each week he produces 1-2 new episodes, which aim to explain to the DIY investor how different investment types and markets work. 

The topics covered are certainly varied: from recent weeks, you’ll find podcasts on the outlook for mortgage rates and energy bills, passive investment flaws, and the endowment effect. 


Girls That Invest

Sim and Sonya are two female millennial investors whose twice-weekly podcast aims to make the world of investing less intimidating. They have two different podcasts available to listen to: Sticky Money Mondays, responding to listeners’ sticky money situations, and their regular podcast: a jargon-free deep dive into a range of investing topics. 

Whether it’s making money through jewellery, safeguarding yourself during a recession or how to invest for your children, their podcast is ideal for those who just starting their investing journey and who want to build financial independence. 


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