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Tackling the £599bn UK gender investment gap


The gender investment gap in the UK has long been known – but now, new research reveals the full extent of the issue. So just how big is the gender investment gap – and what can be done to tackle it?


The size of the UK gender investment gap

The research, conducted by Boring Money, shows that the UK gender investment gap stands at £599bn – which, as they point out, is larger than Switzerland’s entire GDP. The number of UK women who hold investments is around 6.4 million, while there are 9.7 million male investors. 

The investment gap includes pensions: while the average private pension for men stands at around £138k, the figure for women is around £99k. In terms of General Investment Accounts, under half as many women as men are likely to hold one – and amongst the women who do invest, the total balance held is significantly lower than that of their male counterparts. 


How can the UK gender investment gap be resolved? 

Boring Money’s research has shown that there are six key life events that present money challenges for women, namely serious illness, motherhood, divorce, single parenting, empty nesting and ageing parents. 

The gender gap in investing is nothing new. However, until now very little has been done to address the problem. Now, though, they have launched Visible! to bring together both industry experts and consumers to improve women’s engagement with the investment sector. 

Other industry bodies are raising awareness of the issue. Natwest has detailed the implications of the gender investment gap, for example, while Fidelity has a dedicated “women and money” page on their website. Does more need to be done by the industry as a whole, though, to reduce the size of the investment gap and give women more confidence to invest? 


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