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What is your most important financial asset? 


Some investors choose to concentrate all of their funds in a single asset type. Others split their investments across multiple asset classes. 

If you fall into the latter category, which asset class do you perceive to be your most important financial asset? 

Investment comparison site BrokerChooser recently conducted research into this topic, and the results may surprise some. 


Crypto comes to the fore

The research – conducted amongst the brand’s own customers – revealed that stocks were the most popular investments of 2021, followed by forex and options. However, forex, CFDs and options have all seen interest decline – while the products with the highest popularity increase were revealed to be cryptocurrency, funds and stocks. 

In the UK, 41% of first-time investors stated that crypto was the most important asset to have. Globally, there was an average rise of 22% in those choosing it as their most important asset type. 


A global trend

However, it’s not just in the UK where cryptocurrencies are proving popular. BrokerChooser ranked the countries where first-time investors had the greatest interest in crypto. 

South Africa headed up the list – a country where 50.2% of first-time investors said cryptocurrency was their most important asset type. This was followed by India (47.5%), Japan (47.1%), Australia (45.7%) and Ireland (42%), with the UK appearing in fifth place. 

The UK is also bucking the trend when it comes to forex – which has seen a decline in interest globally, but which 36.6% of UK first-time investors rank as their most important asset. 

Which of your asset classes is most important to you? 


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