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What we know about the new British ISA


In his Spring Budget on Wednesday, March 6th, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced plans to introduce a new British ISA. Read on to find out more about what it will involve, and how it will work. 


Why is a “British ISA” being introduced? 

Unsurprisingly, the Government is looking to boost the overall economy – as well as the prospects for British businesses. With the UK stock market having seen less-than-ideal performance in recent years, the new ISA is a bid to further support UK-listed companies in their search for growth. 

However, it is not just businesses that the new British ISA could help. It will also increase investors’ tax-free allowances, giving them greater investment opportunities. 


How will the new ISA work?

The new British ISA will give investors an extra tax-free £5,000 per year – on top of their existing £20,000 allowance – to invest. However, this sum must be invested solely in UK stocks and shares. 

It is expected that the new ISA will appeal to investors who have already reached their £20,000 limit and want to invest more money tax-free. However, there are still questions around how such an ISA will actually work. 

An upcoming consultation will help to define what actually counts as a “UK investment” to be included within a British ISA. While the aim is to boost the flagging UK economy, though, is a British ISA really the best solution? Some experts suggest that increasing the core ISA limit, allowing investors greater flexibility in where they invest, could have been a better choice. 


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