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Where are stocks and shares ISA holders investing this year?


Where are you investing your ISA funds this year? 

For some, it’s a decision that they’re happy to make alone. For others, it’s a decision that’s made after seeing where other investors are succeeding. 

The fact that some investors succeed with particular stocks and shares ISAs, though, does not guarantee that every investor will find the same. However, if you are interested in seeing where others have invested this year, Interactive Investor have shared their data on where their customers have been investing. 


The top five funds for stocks and shares ISA holders 

According to Interactive Investor, the top five funds for stocks and shares ISA holders are:

  1. Fundsmith Equity Fund
  2. Vanguard Lifestrategy 90% Equity
  3. L&G Global Technology Index Trust
  4. Royal London Short Term Money Market
  5. Jupiter India

The Fundsmith fund at the top of the list is a perennial favourite with an impressive history, although currently it is underperforming compared with industry benchmarks. Vanguard now makes up five of the top ten funds, while the inclusion of a fund focused on India could suggest that investors are becoming more confident in investing overseas.


The top five investment trusts for stocks and shares ISA holders 

The broker’s data shows these to be the top investment trusts for stocks and shares ISA holders:

  1. Scottish Mortgage
  2. City of London
  3. Greencoat UK Wind
  4. JPMorgan Growth & Income
  5. Alliance Trust

Scottish Mortgage is a trust that invests into high-growth businesses, while City of London has recently underperformed. ESG-focused investors may be choosing Greencoat for its renewable infrastructure focus – as well as the fact that its dividend payments have recently been strong. 

While some of these top choices have been showing solid performance over recent months and years, others have not performed as strongly as expected. This highlights the fact that, while it is great to understand how other people are investing, the most popular choices may not always be indicative of future performance. 


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